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 Frustrated with the College Admissions Process?  We can help!

Perplexed Girl

When should I start to plan for college?

I’m not sure about my major. It’ll be more expensive if I change it. How do I decide?

Which colleges are the best for my major? Can I afford to attend there?

Will I have the grades, course work and test scores to be accepted?

Where can I get college admissions help?

I suppose I should have a career goal after graduation but how do I know in what field I would be most successful and really enjoy what I am doing for a living?

These are the typical concerns of students and their families as they begin to consider a higher education. At College Options and Scholarship Services we have a multi-year process that has helped hundreds of thousands  of families answer these concerns and lead their students to a bright and successful future by providing the student with college admissions counseling.

College Options Scholarships & Services is dedicated to enriching the academic development of high school students and assisting them in their preparation for higher education. We believe that it is vital that all students have access to the resources necessary to prepare them for the rigors of college.  Our mission is to serve as a comprehensive source for parents and students by providing materials, coaching and counseling that assist them in understanding the college admissions process, financial aid regulations, scholarship availability, selection of a major and overall requirements for college success. Our “On Course to College” program is based on College Options Foundation’s 20+ year proven college admissions program “Total College Success”.  Our students get into the best colleges at the lowest cost.

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