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ACT/SAT Test Prep (Click HERE for an example)


We offer e-books which are designed to boost the student’s test taking skills and confidence in taking the college entrance exams by providing:

  • The Only SAT-ACT preparation material in our nation, with embedded videos of peer student tutors, who took these tests, achieved high scores, and now provide specific instruction in a video format. (A truly creative and unique way to improve those test scores!)
  • Vital information about the nature and construction of the college entrance tests and about test registration
  • Tips for mastering the art of taking standardized tests, in general, and the SAT-ACT specifically
  • Formal instruction and tips for tackling test prep and taking the exams
  • Help for increasing your reading vocabulary and refreshing grammar skills
  • The student perspective on issues related to college entrance testing
  • Two three hour and forty-five minute practice tests complete with the correct answers provided and the rationale behind each of those responses
  • A brief bibliography of other resources to aid you in preparing for these tests

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Zero Hour Threat Games


In addition, we offer two games that help the student build their skills.  We thought that helping students prepare to take the ACT-SAT exams should be more fun, and our Zero Hour Threat games do just that!


The result is the creation of two interactive award winning games entitled, “Zero Hour Threat I and II.”

We’ve gotten great responses from students, as they build their math and vocabulary skills, while saving the planet! They have been proven to be successful for thousands of students…give them a try! You will not find anything to compare to this, anywhere! And, they are designed to be used in conjunction with the review materials and questions and other tools in the above e-books.

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SAT Prep – ACT Test Prep – SAT Prep – ACT Prep