Athletic Recruiting


“Understanding Athletic Recruiting”© (Click HERE for an example)

The Understanding Athletic Recruiting Guide:

  • Is designed to simplify the complicated process of the recruitment of student-athletes as they transition to college athletics
  • Was co-authored by two men who understand this process from the perspective of the student-athlete, the coaches, the family members, and the college as an institution
  • Equips the student-athlete to become his or her own best recruiter
  • Provides needed insight into an area where most student-athletes, their parents, and many high school counselors are not “well versed” in regards to the deadlines, normal college recruitment protocol, and how to navigate the recruitment system
  • Enlightens student-athletes and their parents in regards to how to obtain athletic scholarships
  • Encourages the student-athlete to balance their schoolwork, with their athletic college careers and how to achieve success as a student and as an athlete

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Understanding Athletic Recruiting