Financing and Admissions

We walk you through

every step for admissions

and financing

By books #2

“The Complete Guide to College Financing and Admissions”© Guide

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This is an award winning and proven effective interactive program that takes all the guesswork out of the college admission and financing process. It includes a special emphasis on scholarships and supplies hundreds of related web links. This guide covers many topics including how to:

  • Demonstrate winning interview skills
  • Understand the “packaging” process as it relates to financing college
  • Identify the basics of the financial aid process
  • Identify the scholarship options available, how and where to apply, and how to be selected to receive them
  • Recognize creative options and military options as they pertain to your individual needs
  • Apply a month-by-month “to do” list for planning the financing and admissions process
  • Distinguish the many military opportunities available for assisting in financing college
  • Understand how to succeed in college from freshman year to graduation


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